Probably best known for its cement rollers that launch over a large metal fence at the end, Besos is one of those places that seems mandatory to check out for any skater coming to Barcelona.
Ginge melon barca
But you will be surprised that as you walk to the waves of concrete you will find some other cool stuff. The neighbourhood is split in two by the freeway, which is almost completely covered by walkways, overpasses and multi coloured sound barriers. What this means is that there are also a ton of brick banks.
Some of the banks have ledges at the top to do tricks in and out of. A few of the overpasses also have these beautiful flatbars but the only problem is that you have to watch out for the traffic.
One of the best thing about Barcelona is that you are never far from another spot. Besos is no different. Three blocks away you will find the Sant Marti Handrail and three block from there the famous metal bumps tho launch off. If you are looking for a nice handrail with a great run up Sant Marti is for you.
Fs Smith

If you want a more exact location check out the Barcelona Skatespot Map on this site.

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