Barcelona Metro: L5

The one and only way to travel in Barcelona is with the metro. Almost anywhere you stay there will be a metro line only a couple blocks away. This means that you can get to most any skate spot simply by figuring out what metro station it’s close to and then finding your way there. At first it can be a bit of a challenge but soon you will be getting from A to B in no time. Hopefully this overview and the Barcelona Skate Map will make sure you get where you want to go without wasting time because we all know the less time you spend looking for a spot the more time you get to skate.

Barcelona Metro

Barcelona Metro

Metro Line 5 is one of those lines that will take you to tons of great skate spots if you just know where to get on and off. The first stop on our journey is Val d’Hebron. Here you will find Montbau with all its crazy sculptures and nice ledges. The next stop is Virrei Amat. This spot offers some nice hips of different sizes.

Barcelona Skate Spots - Google Maps-1

Virrei Amat

As you continue onwards you will come to the famous Sagrada Familia stop. Close by is the Sagrada Familia hubba. It is high but if you are looking for a challenge this will definitely bring it.

sagrada familia

Hubba Hubba

As you cruise along to the next spot why not stop at Sants Estacio with its famous benches and nearby dragon slide. If that wasn’t enough jump back on and take a ride to Can Vidalet. Here you will find the Can Serra ledges as well as the famous quarter pipe wall ride.

Stephane Zanette

Stephane Zanette

Finally ride to the very end and get off at Cornella. Your last session of the day involves you and a fat white rail. Great run up and landing with no one to bother you. Hopefully you are warmed up by this point and can get some nice footage here. Enjoy.

Cornella Fat White Rail 2

Cornella Fat White Rail


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3 responses to “Barcelona Metro: L5

  1. barcelona Metro Rain station is the great option for the skating in barcelona.

  2. I thinks finally ride to the very end and get off at Cornella.very nice place you shared for the riding on skateboard and its such a very enjoyable.

  3. Railway station of Barcelona Metro is my most favourite place, have spend lot of time out there and yeah for skating.

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