Fondo. With a name like that how can you go wrong? While this skate spot has been seriously hampered by some creative skate proofing it still warrants a visit if only for its infamy. What used to be three levels of banks has now been reduced to one by a bunch of metal flatbars (unfortunately they are not skateable).
However one is better than none, and this one set of banks offers a great corner hip, grind benches at the top and recently one of the benches has been moved so that you can grind into the banks. The upper level still boasts the statue with four low ledges and a set of higher benches in the background.
Mark Frölich
Pedro, in Badalona
This spot is a little harder to find than some of the others but it is worth the journey. One of the reasons I made this blog was because of how hard it was to find information about how to some of these spots. While I always enjoy searching out spots, especially in Barcelona because you find other great places to skate on the way, sometimes you don’t have the time. Fortunately I did have time so I was lucky enough to run into this other cool bank on the way which is on the. Click here to see it on the Barcelona Skate Spot Map.



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2 responses to “Fondo

  1. G

    and that cool other bank would be where?
    thanks for info

  2. fblishen

    I added a link at the bottom of the Fondo post which will take you to it on the Skate Map. It’s a nice bank.

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