While there are spots with far more variety for me this was one of the best spots in all Barcelona. Here is why.

1) The centre piece of this plaza are the three amazing granite ledges. Unlike MACBA which is one long ledge these ledges are separated which means you can pop off the end going regular or goofy. The ledges are also not as haggard as the ones at MACBA and there isn’t always people cutting you off.
2) This plaza is as smooth as it gets. I am not sure what kind of skating you like but not having to worry about rocks or cracks sure is sweet. Not only that but it is a wide open space which makes it great for flat ground tricks as well.
3) Universitat has a great atmosphere. You will often find people skating there and sometimes you won’t. But what you will find is plenty of people walking through the plaza watching. This definitely gives some motivation to bring you’re A game for the crowd. And again because the plaza is large people don’t tend to get in the way although there is a bit of dodging pedestrians once and a while. But heh that’s all part of the fun
4) The final thing is that this skate spot is literally right outside the Universitat Metro Station on the L1 line. There is also a Universitat Metro Station on the L2 line but it gets off a block away. Who doesn’t love getting off the metro and jumping on their skate.

For all this I would say Universitat Plaza is one of the top 5 spots in all Barcelona.


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  1. Dane

    Who do i contact for information on skateboarders…

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