Sants is perhaps the most recognizable skate spot in Barcelona. Located just outside the main train station, Sants Estacio, the granite benches have been in so many skate videos that it’s hard to keep track of. However these benches have definitely seen better days. The benches that still have granite on them are so worn down that they are difficult to skate. They are almost completely rounded off, which means they are tougher to grind.
sants erosion
Two of the benches that are skateable have simply had the granite removed to expose the metal bench underneath. Granted these do grind nicely. One of them has had the legs on one end removed so it can be skated as an up ledge, which is pretty cool.

manrique bs nosegrind
At the risk of sounding like Sants isn’t worth going to I should probably mention some more positives. The metal benches are a lot of fun and even though the up ledge looks like an accident it’s a good accident. There is also a real life skate spot restoration project going on. Locals have taken the old granite bench tops and mounted them to cinder blocks, creating new grind boxes. There are also long granite ledges right beside the famous benches, which surprisingly haven’t been skated nearly as much. They start low and then as the ground slopes down they get higher.
Not only is there the plaza itself but just nearby there is a big metal sculpture, which has what look like metal slides that act as banks. This sculpture also has metal up ledges and you can do tricks into the bank. If you are adventurous there are also a few water gaps to try your luck at.

galo cego
Sants Metal Ledge



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3 responses to “Sants

  1. Yeah snat is the perfect place for skate in barcelona due to its arcitecture and specially metal slides which is designed for skaters only.

  2. very nice place of sant and its such a difficult thing that the very nice ride on skateboard.

  3. Sant is the perfect location to skate everywhere out there, without any fear and safety issues.

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