Barcelona Skate Map

This map is an attempt to accurately map every skate spot that exists in Barcelona. This includes famous spots, new spots, old spots or any spot in Barcelona that is skateable. The locations are exact so you should have no problem finding them. For a larger map click on the view larger map link below the map and it should all be there.


48 responses to “Barcelona Skate Map

  1. Skateboard

    best spot guide

    • fblishen

      Hope that it had the info you needed.

    • Hi Im a Photography student from the UK doing a piece on my website featuring MACBA and commenting on skate culture in Barca. My knowledge of skating is limited so was wondering if is a problem if I wanted to redirect user of my website to yours which is brilliant and so informative, for those who would like something a bit more in-depth?

      Beth Mulligan

      • fblishen

        You are more than welcome to direct people this way. Also if you want to use some of the writing you are free to as well. What is your website address?

    • Jo Evans

      Hi guys, that’s amazing. i cant find the big seawall and want to surprise my son with a trip. Where is it on the map?

  2. Sietse

    Nice site!

    A friend and I are coming to Barcelona the first week of May. I heard some stories that the police is closing up some spots, is this true?
    If it is, which spots would that be?
    We don’t want any trouble;)

    • fblishen

      I am not sure if this is true but generally you will run into very little problems with the police. Many of these spots are in parks and out of the way which means you don’t run into police. MACBA, Universitat, Forum, Paralel and Fondo are always good spots to check out. You shouldn’t have any problems in those places. MACBA and Universitat are great for grinding, Forum for skating around and exploring, Paralel for manual pads and Fondo for hips and banks (Beer Banks are good for that to). There are so many spots it’s like heaven for skaters. Have a great time.

    • Mibo

      I had problems with the police in Les Corts, close to Coll Blanc metro station. There’s a sign forbidding skating there. Some skaters got tickets in this spot. It’s a bad recommendation.

  3. I’m going to Barcelona with my skate in August. Very interesting site.

  4. boom

    nice work man
    the skate spot map is the best!!!

  5. benoit andretti

    fblishen : You shouldn’t have any problems in macba or uni. For sure you haven’t been there to skate for a while, if you say that !!

  6. Frederik Linde

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Beautiful work! Easy to use, good info. You’re going to heaven for this one.

  7. Amazing, thanks for doing this!

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  10. Reeve

    If it’s forbidden to skate there, I would suggest to remove this spot from the map. If we go there to skate and some have problems with the neighbors and the police, this can bring more problems in other spots where nobody is complaining.

  11. dirkmiddelkoopDirk

    Does anybody know where this spot is? As seen at 00:43 – 00:50 in this video:
    The three yellow brick banks in a line! I know it’s in Barcelona, but not where exactly…Thanks!

  12. Boris

    Could anyone tell where exactly in Barcelona Go Skateboarding Day 2013 event is going to take place? We’re going on a trip there from Russia, so that would be useful to know.

  13. Menno

    We’re in Barca right now, love the guide. It’s just a little looking around at the metro stations.

  14. markus

    the barceloneta stair ledge got removed and the montbau ledges too…

  15. Nobody know the addres of The spot in rubi?
    Bench and wall ride?
    Thanks a lot!!

  16. Desrty

    Check this out.
    Been learning how to use this new program and used the database of spots you’ve collected. Thought it’d only be proper to share my work with you.

  17. Jake

    Can anyone give some tips how to get to the big 7 blocks near Sant Adria?

  18. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Heading to Barcelona for a couple of days and I want to take my board. I am getting a little old a so looking for a good sized bowl that will keep me entertained for a couple of hours. Can anyone recommend anywhere?


  19. Skhate

    There is a nice compilation of spots on your website, but you stole some picture from other skate map without asking or crediting, not really a gentleman move!

    • fblishen

      Which pictures are you talking about? Most of the pictures link back to the flickr accounts. For some of the pictures I haven’t been able to get in contact with the people but have used them anyway. I’m not taking credit for the pictures or making any money off them. This is for the public good and information only. I figure if it helps skateboarding it’s positive.

      • I appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this site, I’m a 37yr old female and hoping to take my soon to be 18yr old son to Barcelona for a futbol game and skateboarding, I felt very lost as far as skateboarding opportunities for him and now I feel very confident he will have a great experience since he loves to skate
        Thanks so much!!

  20. barcelona is the city of skater as you can see on map there are so many location to skate.

  21. slappy

    looking for the vent like half pipe with the transition in the middle that ali boulala bean plant fakes in the sorry video.

  22. This what the skate lovers of the barcelona city are searching for all the time to find as many as possible space for skate.

  23. Angel

    Buenos días. Estamos preparando una aplicación para teléfonos sobre el mudo de las ruedas y nos gustaría incluir vuestros spots. ¿Con quién podemos hablar?

  24. Menno

    Is any one there between 23 and 31 july. me and some friends are there if you wanna meet up and skate some spots… instagram: mennobakker


  26. Hey dudes,

    I am working on a skate spot finder/content sharing platform for skaters. Right now we have released for Android, web, and in the future will be releasing for iOS. I am looking for people to help test out the app and add their local spots and photos.

    Download the android app here:

    and check out the website (with access to the web app) here:

    Hit me up with any feedback or questions you have.

  27. Jakob Föderl

    WARNING de Prim Flatbars.

    May get hit by a glassbottle filled up with soap whater thrown from the 7th floor. Or geht shoot by some crazy guys with a air gun. So dont skate too long there.

  28. Harry

    Don’t do the pole jam by the pier! We nearly got arrested and a €200 fine

  29. Frida

    Hi, i need some help. I was skating close to port vell marina by night. I feel down, and my skate went into the water by the boats. I think the water is quite deep. Anyone have an idea how i can get it back? or who do i need to speak to.

  30. Jo Evans

    Had the map, great in itself. Not sure if I’m just being a dopey Mum but I can’t find the big sculptural sea wall -sorry. Thx for the heads up re the pole Harry.

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