When we talk about spots it’s usually a variety of skateable objects in a limited space. Well Forum is a skate spot except it’s huge. Made for the Barcelona Summer Olympics in 1992 the Forum is basically a giant plaza with endless spots. It goes from the street where you get off the Tram or Metro all the way down to the water. All you have to do is skate around and you will keep finding spots. When you first get there you will probably run into the snake ledges, which have some great curved ledges. Then there is this large building with an undercover area that has the famous angled hip, which you have probably seen in more than a few skate videos.
ferna barcellona
From there you can wander off to find wall rides, stepped grind ledges, various sets of stairs, the famous metal out ledges on the north end of Forum by the harbour and then down to the water to skate the big brick wave and a bunch of double flatbars.

If it’s summertime you can even go swimming down here in the ocean. For the Olympics they made an ocean swimming pool. I always love jumping in the water after a good skate.
Swimming pool?
While this blog is about skating in Barcelona it would be wrong not to mention that if you are down by the brick wave at the Forum and you like graffiti there is a huge graffiti wall nearby. All you have to do is follow the shoreline south and you will run into it. There are probably 50-60 high quality pieces that are worth checking out even if you aren’t a graf head.
Barcelona Graffiti
Angry Birds Graffiti
Another thing to mention is the addition is the addition of a new skatepark in 2011. The Forum Skatepark has a mini ramp, some hips, rails and grind ledges and is a great place to chill after or even before a day of skating. It can be a little hard to find but definitely worth the search as any good skate spot is.

Forum Skatepark
A few blocks beyond the new skatepark are the red ledges. Here you will find all sorts of ledges and the best part is that they have metal tops that make them perfect to grind. There are up ledges, up and down ledges and flat ledges. Great way to finish the day in one of the best skate areas in the world.



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4 responses to “Forum

  1. IGA

    hi i am so glad for this site
    it looks so nice and its a big step to skate culture
    i try to send you my first try of this
    good luck lots of fun!

    • fblishen

      this looks like a good book. i would love to see a copy of it. if you ever want to use some of the pictures or info from my website for your book feel free to. keep up the good work.

  2. Ferna

    ahahha it s me in the first pic!!

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