Barcelona Skate Shots #6

Felipe Gustavo
Barcelona street life
Simone Verona Fs blunt transfer
Barcelona - Skateboard
Backside Noseblunt


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Barcelona Metro: L2

Metro Line L2 will take you to famous and not so famous spots. You used to be able to start at the famous Para-lel spot but it’s been torn down. Below is a picture of what used to be there.

However they are building a skatepark there instead so you might want to see how far they’ve gotten when you’re in Barcelona. Once you’ve check out the progress go out exploring a bit more by jumping on the Purple L2 and jump off at Universitat. Again check out the Universitat blog post for details but as always these three granite ledges are amazing. Personally it’s my favourite spot.

Universitat Colour

stile tres

Universitat Red

Next stop is Monumental. You won’t find a monument but instead a well waxed U-Ledge. As always you can find exact directions to these places on the Barcelona Skate Map.



The next station of St. Marti has two spots that are definitely worth checking out. The first is almost beside the station. In the middle of a tree lined boulevard you will find a metal bump. It looks like a wave in the sidewalk and it is so much fun to do launches off.


Metal Bump Benihana

Three blocks away is one of the best handrails in Barcelona. It’s in a park so you won’t get kicked out, the run up is good and the landing as well. Excellent spot to film a few handrail tricks.


St. Marti Handrail

As you continue on you are probably getting a bit sweaty. Hey that’s what happens when you are skating hard in the best place on earth. It’s probably time to head down to the beach, check out the view and take a swim. So why not get off at Sant Roc. There also happens to be a fairly well known spot with benches that you can launch off over a garbage can. Great for pictures and you will no doubt find some other spots on the way to this beautiful Barcelona boardwalk.


Beach Trash

Before you head home for the day its worth checking out Pep Ventura and the Blue Bench. Several blocks from this stop you will find a strange building that is shaped like a ball with red triangles all over it. Fortunately the bricks banks holding up this building are also shaped like triangles which means they’re brick hips. Across the street there’s a nice height bench to finish things off with.

All sizes | capitaleuropea | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Brick Bank Triangles

Taylor - 5050, Barcelona | 2013 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Blue Bench


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Barcelona Carhartt Ad

An ad done by Carhartt with shots from Barcelona in the beginning and the end. Some of the other spots might be in Barcelona but I don’t recognize them.

Jan Solenthaler x Carhartt

Photo by Rafael Gonzalez of one of the tricks in the ad.

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Barcelona Metro: L5

The one and only way to travel in Barcelona is with the metro. Almost anywhere you stay there will be a metro line only a couple blocks away. This means that you can get to most any skate spot simply by figuring out what metro station it’s close to and then finding your way there. At first it can be a bit of a challenge but soon you will be getting from A to B in no time. Hopefully this overview and the Barcelona Skate Map will make sure you get where you want to go without wasting time because we all know the less time you spend looking for a spot the more time you get to skate.

Barcelona Metro

Barcelona Metro

Metro Line 5 is one of those lines that will take you to tons of great skate spots if you just know where to get on and off. The first stop on our journey is Val d’Hebron. Here you will find Montbau with all its crazy sculptures and nice ledges. The next stop is Virrei Amat. This spot offers some nice hips of different sizes.

Barcelona Skate Spots - Google Maps-1

Virrei Amat

As you continue onwards you will come to the famous Sagrada Familia stop. Close by is the Sagrada Familia hubba. It is high but if you are looking for a challenge this will definitely bring it.

sagrada familia

Hubba Hubba

As you cruise along to the next spot why not stop at Sants Estacio with its famous benches and nearby dragon slide. If that wasn’t enough jump back on and take a ride to Can Vidalet. Here you will find the Can Serra ledges as well as the famous quarter pipe wall ride.

Stephane Zanette

Stephane Zanette

Finally ride to the very end and get off at Cornella. Your last session of the day involves you and a fat white rail. Great run up and landing with no one to bother you. Hopefully you are warmed up by this point and can get some nice footage here. Enjoy.

Cornella Fat White Rail 2

Cornella Fat White Rail


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Barcelona Skate Shots #5

Matt McDowell - Noseslide
Under Cover
This is skateboarding
barca skater


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Montanya Magica

Playgrounds. We loved them as kids. You got to slide around, jump over things and just generally let loose. Well as a skateboarder nothing much changes. So why not take your skateboard to the playground and relive those memories from childhood? And this time you get to combine your passion for skateboarding and play (Well I guess they really are the same thing aren’t they:) At this spot you will find giant metal slides. They can be skated like mini ramps, launched into or anything you want. That is the fun of playing, you get to imagine the possibilities. If you want to find it check out the Skate Spot Map. Have fun!
Parc Diagonal Mar

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Barcelona Skate Shoots #4

Fs Nosegrind

Rich'  Fs wallride


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