New Skateparks + Extra

Barcelona is well known for its great street spots but recently its added a few new parks into the mix. In case you get tired of street skating here are the newest two parks for you to check out.

The first one is Les Corts Skatepark located about four blocks from the L5 Pubilla Cases Metro station. This park is a mixture of banks, street obstacles, rails, bank to wall rides and everything else you need for a good session.

The second one is Marbella Skatepark. Have you ever dreamed of skating an awesome bowl, getting sweaty and then jumping into the ocean. Well here’s your chance. This new park by the ocean is reminiscent of the old snake runs but with parts that have coping. It’s the kind of park you can cruise for hours and still come back for more. Definitely worth the visit.

Another older park is Sant Adria del Besos Skatepark. A little outside of town you have to get on the train and head to Estacio de Sant Adria. Nice little spot in a park by the beach. Has a metal bench, flatbar, corner hip and quarter pipe. Good for a lazy afternoon.


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