Parc Central de Nou Barris

If only every park was made like this one. If you like skating banks in all varieties this is the place to check out. The whole area around PCNB has banks and drops into banks and gaps into banks. If you want to find exactly where these are go to the Barcelona Skate Spot Map.

Parc Central de Nou Barris 6

One of the more unique spots which provides a great photo op is the wooden triangle gaps. There are a bunch of wooden triangles in a lagoon that you can gap over. It’s a challenge but hey it can’t all be easy. There’s also a cool bank (big surprise).


There are lots of other things to skate in the area so just cruise around and explore. You might even run into this ledge sticking out of the building with a gap into the bank.

trick , bank , speed !! #skate #skateboard #skateboarding #bankspot #barcelona


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  1. Hola, te interesarĂ­a hacer videotutoriales para acercar el mundo del skate a la gente? si te interesa ya tienes mi email.

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