WARNING: Ledge to Bank Heaven

We had several people asking where this spot is located. Thanks to Tom Randall for giving us directions. Unfortunately while this place looks great it’s a bust. If you go here chances are you might get a ticket from the police. There are signs all over the place forbidding skateboarding so if you do go skate at your own risk.


If you still want to know the exact location check out the Barcelona Skate Spot Map. Also check out the video below for footage at this spot at 1:24.




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5 responses to “WARNING: Ledge to Bank Heaven

    • fblishen

      Skateboarders going to Barcelona thank you Tom. Do you mind if I use that photo from your flickr when I add the big 4 set to the map?

  1. Tom

    Yeah go for it man. I remember looking through loads of different spot guides before I went skating in Barca so should return the favour!

  2. Reblogged this on illicitlydriven and commented:
    Dirty saves! Could of been some real bad bails!

  3. YES! THANKS!!! I will be skating at that spot next week thanks to you guys!!! stoked!!

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