Have You Seen This Spot? Yes!

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the pictures of these spots. If you want to check them out click on the pictures and it will bring you to the spot on the Skate Spot Map.


Photo 1


Photo 2

Found 1

Photo 3


Photo 4

Found 2

Photo 5


Photo 6



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12 responses to “Have You Seen This Spot? Yes!

  1. photo 6 is in Montbau – carrer de les sibil-les

    • fblishen

      Thanks for the help. I was looking for that one for a while. There are a bunch of other fun looking things around the area as well.

  2. I think that photo 4 is in Castelldefels, i’m not sure.

  3. hali

    photo 2 : Barcelona parc central de nou barris !

    • fblishen

      you are awesome hali! i added a whole post about parc central de nou barris. there is tons of other stuff there to skate as well.

  4. saba

    I would like to request your permission in using a photo or 2 from your blog for a current project. I am creating a non-profit and educational video on landscape architecture in Vancouver, Canada. One of the projects in this video (a skateboard park in Vancouver) was influenced by skate board friendly cities (like San Francisco, Barccelona, etc.) So I was hoping I could use some photos from this site, for only about 3 seconds in my video. I will credit you as the photographer. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2387/5704585072_6956d7831c_o.jpg Please let me know if I can use this photo for my educational and non-profit project. Thank you. Saba

    • saba


    • fblishen

      actually Saba most of the photos on this blog are not ones i’ve taken. if you want to get permission click on the photo you are interested in and then contact the person who took it. good luck on the video. i love vancouver and used to live there.

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