Barcelona Skate Shoots #4

Fs Nosegrind

Rich'  Fs wallride



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5 responses to “Barcelona Skate Shoots #4

  1. Peter

    Hi there,
    This website seems to have stolen your content
    Nice work on the your website. Keep it up!

    • fblishen

      Thanks a lot for that Peter. I sent them an email asking to at least give credit where credit is due with a link of some sort. I don’t mind people using my content but it would be nice to get some recognition especially when they just copied it word for word. Plus the pictures don’t link back to the proper people.

    • fblishen

      I got in contact with the owner of the site and they put a link in to recognize that they were using my content. Thanks so much for the heads up. It’s nice to know that there are people on the internet who care about content use. Actually a lot of my pictures are from Flickr but they link to the persons site.

  2. Howie

    I’m pretty certain this site is going to make my forthcoming trip.
    We’re even more stoked now.
    Are the pick pockets really that bad? One friend mentioned keeping euros in your shoes. Sweaty money.
    Any local rules with the skaters?
    I want to show as much respect as possible to the skating mecca.
    Great site. Cheers.

    • fblishen

      I’m getting on the metro one day and this lady pushed me out of the way as she got on. I noticed that she was walking very closely behind a man but it looked odd. Once I was on the train I saw two people walk up and put their foot on either side of the train doors to hold them. A man yelled out pickpocket but before anyone knew it the women was walking off the train just as the men let the door close. At the last second she threw the mans wallet through the door and they took off. The money was gone and since the pickpockets didn’t have the wallet on them there was no evidence even if they were caught. The moral of the story is keep your money, credit cards, passport etc. in a place that a pickpocket cannot access. I use a money belt. They are thin and fit under your shirt. No one can get to them and they are hidden. That way I always have my essentials on me and unless I get robbed no one is taking them.

      That being said you will have the time of your life skating in Barcelona. The only rules are probably the ones you already know when skateboarding. Be aware of whose around you, wait your turn and be respectful. If you are there to have a good time then it will show. If you find any spots that aren’t on here and you have time, take a picture and note where they are roughly. The more stuff I add to the site the better it will be. Even new pictures of spots that are already here could work.

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