Barcelona Skate Shoots #3

Angels en plaça
Simon Weißer
Patrick Vidal, nollie heelflip - 2009
Fabio Pires _ bs tailslide
Mark Frölich
Sunset skateboard
tjaden brewer



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2 responses to “Barcelona Skate Shoots #3

  1. Hey dude, I’m the guy that does that site!
    I just wanna thank you for putting this site together, and also for adding the link to my site.

    I’m also passionate by Barcelona and its skate spots.

    • fblishen

      It has been a pleasure to make a site that helps people enjoy skateboarding in Barcelona. If you ever want to use some of the information on my site for your own site go ahead. I linked to some of your Throwaways of the Day when I mapped the spots. Pictures are great for showing spots but your short videos are even better. Who knows maybe we could collaborate on something. Your site has such a great layout and feel. Keep up the good work.

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