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A lot of spots are found in places you might never go. Tucked away in Barcelona neighbourhoods, backstreets and  the little parks that litter the city there are tons of places waiting to be discovered. The hard part is finding them. This list will hopefully make that a bit easier and in the process mean more time to skate. Just click on the photo to find it on the Skate Spot Map.

Hugo Hoffmeister, f/s nosegrind

#1 – Zona Franca Handrail

La Parella

#2 – La Parella

Matt McDowell - Nollie Front Shove

#3 – Torras i Bages R2B

All sizes | mKowalski | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

#4 – Molin de Rei

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Parc Central de Nou Barris

If only every park was made like this one. If you like skating banks in all varieties this is the place to check out. The whole area around PCNB has banks and drops into banks and gaps into banks. If you want to find exactly where these are go to the Barcelona Skate Spot Map.

Parc Central de Nou Barris 6

One of the more unique spots which provides a great photo op is the wooden triangle gaps. There are a bunch of wooden triangles in a lagoon that you can gap over. It’s a challenge but hey it can’t all be easy. There’s also a cool bank (big surprise).


There are lots of other things to skate in the area so just cruise around and explore. You might even run into this ledge sticking out of the building with a gap into the bank.

trick , bank , speed !! #skate #skateboard #skateboarding #bankspot #barcelona

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Barcelona Trip 2012

Lot’s of these trip videos on You Tube. Enjoyed this one. Has a great soundtrack, fun skating and a good crew. This gives a real good sense of what it’s like to take a skate trip in Barcelona. Good work!

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WARNING: Ledge to Bank Heaven

We had several people asking where this spot is located. Thanks to Tom Randall for giving us directions. Unfortunately while this place looks great it’s a bust. If you go here chances are you might get a ticket from the police. There are signs all over the place forbidding skateboarding so if you do go skate at your own risk.


If you still want to know the exact location check out the Barcelona Skate Spot Map. Also check out the video below for footage at this spot at 1:24.



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Have You Seen This Spot? Yes!

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the pictures of these spots. If you want to check them out click on the pictures and it will bring you to the spot on the Skate Spot Map.


Photo 1


Photo 2

Found 1

Photo 3


Photo 4

Found 2

Photo 5


Photo 6


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Beer Banks

Somewhat out of the way, this little piece of paradise is found at the end of the L9 line at the Can Zam station. Named the beer banks because it is near a beer factory it’s hard to imagine why this place even exists. What is it for other than skateboarding? In the end it doesn’t really matter once you are there enjoying it.
Eniz Fs 360
The ground is smooth and the banks are waxed and ready for whatever you can throw at them. I have seen a lot of these banks imitated in North American skateparks which is no surprise. It seems like they were made for skateboarding.
stepan janda bs blunt
Samu - fs noseblunt

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Barcelona Skate Shots #6

Felipe Gustavo
Barcelona street life
Simone Verona Fs blunt transfer
David Xu / Fs 5050 / Vilanova i la Geltrú
Barcelona - Skateboard
Backside Noseblunt

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